Hair Transplant Procedures in Thailand

A receding hairline is one of the biggest bothers for any person. Luckily, there are several proven ways of restoring your hair and that desired youthful appearance. Before anything, it is advisable to consult an expert.

What is a hair transplant Bangkok, Thailand?

Thailand hair transplant is a surgical procedure that involves pulling hair from one part of your body to another that has little or no hair. There are 2 significant types of hair transplant in Thailand; follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). 

Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS)

This procedure starts with the removal of a strip of skin (up to 10 inches long) from the back of your head. The hair around it immediately hides the incision.

The strip is then divided into tiny grafts, each with a single hair strand or just a few hairs. The number of grafts depends on the hair type, quality, color and the size of the area where the hair is intended for.

Follicular Unit Extraction

This procedure starts with the doctor shaving the backside of your head. The extraction of single hair follicles follows this until the required amount is attained.

After the removal of the hair follicles, both FUE and FUSS follow a similar procedure. The doctor will clean and numb the area where the hair is to be transplanted, create holes for placing the hair strands, and finish by placing the grafts in each of the holes.

A typical hair transplant in Thailand takes between four to eight hours.  It is worth noting that you might need to revisit the doctor if you continue to lose hair, or when you want thicker hair.

Recovery and Expectations

You will need to take pain killers until the scalp heals completely. The doctor might also prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs to assist in your recovery. In most cases, people take up to five days to resume regular activities after a Bangkok hair transplant. 

Three weeks after the surgery, the transplanted hair will fall out. New hair will start growing within a few months. In rare cases, the doctor can prescribe hair-growing drugs.

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