The Best Hair Restoration Methods: Which Hair Transplant Treatment is perfect for you?

Amongst themselves, men often joke about pretty much everything under the sun; it's part of their camaraderie. However, not all men with bald patches take jokes on hair loss lightly, especially when it's about premature hair loss. Such jokes can sometimes be mortifying and soul-destroying and not every 20s, or 30-something-year-old gentleman would laugh at them. 

Baldness is something over two-thirds of all men aged above 35 years certainly go through. By the age of 50, the numbers shoot to 85%. And yet for some, baldness inherently means years of being a butt of jokes. But it isn't men alone who suffer hair loss – women go through it as well. 

In light of this, hair transplants have soared with millions, including celebrities seeking this remedy. A majority of the specialized hair transplant clinics in Thailand have, in fact, made the services incredibly affordable. This, in return, has dramatically boosted the number of those who've successfully sought the services. 

Hair transplant options in Thailand 

According to a Quora thread on how much hair transplant cost in Thailand, the total price is based on several factors. Basically, the responded states that the procedure applied plus the number of grafts and sessions one has to attend determines the final price. 

Of importance, however, is the procedure one opts for. There's a non-surgical method of treating hair loss and, of course, going under the knife. The non-surgical approach is medication-based and often involves consistent use of specific drugs. 

Hair loss meds fall into two: androgen-dependent (they stop conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone), and androgen-independent (they dilate small blood vessels in the body, effectively stimulating hair growth. Women can also take Androgen-independent like Minoxidil. 

Minoxidil is an over-the-counter topical treatment choice, while Finasteride, another one taken orally is often issued upon getting a prescription. The thing with this treatment choice, however, is that it is progressive and can even take more than a year. However, androgen-independent often register a 40% success rate compared to their counterparts. 

Surgical hair transplantation in Thailand 

With FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) being the most preferred among them all, surgical hair transplants Bangkok are the only truest ways of reversing baldness. The outcome often leaves a more natural-looking result, and for many, getting their hair back quickly is well worth the price. 

Another minimally invasive method is ATP (Advanced Trico Pigmentation). The last of the three is FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), which is about strip harvesting. You should talk to your doctor about them. 

A successful Thailand hair transplant procedure ought to be done at a specialized facility. That means from the hundreds of them, one has to strictly choose a specialist with a well-known reputation besides going for it at a certified clinic. 

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